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Long Island Decks

An attached deck is much like a patio, except that it is made of wood or wood composite decking materials, and is slightly raised. A common place to attach a deck is at the back of an L-shaped or U-shaped house. Visualize it: a deck can serve as a bridge connecting exterior doors of both inside parts of the L-shaped house. The deck also provides additional living space -- outdoor living space. A roof or overhead would offer shade, making the deck even more usable and part of the home's livable space.

Long Island Decks & Porches Long Island Decks & Porches from JD Cusumano



Sun-Blocking Pergolas

An at-grade deck can get past its plain appearance with the added architectural dimension of a full-width pergola. Add trained climbers to these overhead structures and you get built-in shade. Enjoy dinner on your deck - bring in the view and create an easy transition between indoors and out.

Long Island Pergolas from JD Cusumano Long Island Decks from JD Cusumano

Party on Deck

A good deck can capture a view, create a comfortable outdoor room, and add a feeling of spaciousness to your home by blurring the boundaries between inside and out. This partly sheltered deck serves as an indoor-outdoor space connecting a family room with a patio. Classically simple, it is a great transitional element for nearly any style of house.

As one of the primary outdoor entertaining spaces, your deck is the go-to spot for hosting family and friends. Since it’s an extension of the indoor living space, it’s the best place to hold that summer barbecue or birthday party — just add a grill, good food, comfortable patio furniture and, of course, nice weather. While it’s great for parties, its breathtaking views and breezy locale make it a top-notch relaxation spot too. Regardless of its function, a deck is the perfect addition to any family home.

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Shaping Your Dream Deck

Nary a backyard retreat is complete without a deck built for entertaining. Just like any indoor space, this exterior structure can be customized to your wants and needs. Multiple levels, shady overhead structures, and spa-like amenities are all within the realm of deck design possibility—with a little planning. Get more use out of your multi-use deck and patio area by creating an open-air structure. It will extend your outdoor area's use and become your family's favorite gathering spot come chilly nights. Creating a peaceful outdoor living space from an unruly yard can seem intimidating. But by adding a deck you are able to sit and and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in the privacy of your own home. The deck opens to the sky and makes a welcoming, wind-sheltered location for house plants to add beauty to the area. Now it's a fun place to relax.


Long Island Decks & Porches from JD Cusumano Construction Co.

The best vacation spot can sometimes be in your very own backyard.

Reinvented living space - This home's floor sits 3½ feet above ground, so the deck needed to provide a gradual descent into the garden. Steps connect the deck to a small ground-level patio with a portable fireplace. There's seating on the top and bottom levels, and storage beneath the deck.

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