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Your front door makes a strong statement about your home. In fact, it's one of the first features a visitor sees. A beautiful, top-quality door improves your home's appearance, makes visitors feel welcome and boosts your home's curb appeal. Besides making a good impression, your entry door must also work hard. It must be durable enough to function smoothly year after year, tough enough to withstand the elements and strong enough to keep your home safe and secure. When you buy an entry door, think about the purpose your door will serve. Do you want to add a new decorative element or architectural interest to your home's exterior? Do you want to block heat and cold? Or do you need additional security for your home?

Wood Doors

Long Island Wood Doors from JD Cusumano

Generally heavier and more traditional in style, wood doors add an inviting presence to your home. Available in a variety of colors and styles, with or without glass, wood doors are usually made using frame and panel construction to counteract the effects of climatic or seasonal changes. The substantial weight of a wooden door adds a sense of security and sturdiness to your home

Wood doors are most at home with traditional American styles, including Colonial, Cottage and Craftman, Ranch, Split Level and Victorian.


  • Naturally Warm and Elegant
  • Classic choice for historic or traditional homes
  • Best used in entryways that are sheltered from the elements
  • Available in premium-grade hardwoods and pine, with a wide choice of stains
  • Durable finishes help maintain and preserve beauty
  • Must be finished or painted on all six sides: front, back, top, bottom and sides



Fiberglass Doors

Long Island Fiberglass Doors from JD Cusumano

Fiberglass doors share many of the benefits that wood and steel doors offer with a special sense of durability. Energy efficient and practical for high-traffic entrances, fiberglass doors have wood grain texture molded into the door so that they give the appearance of a real wood door when painted or stained. Fiberglass undergoes little change because of weather.

Available in many styles and sizes, fiberglass doors are perfect for homeowners concerned with longevity, practicality and home security.


  • Durable and easy to maintain - resists dents, cracks, rot, rust and warping
  • Energy efficient: all fiberglass doors come with foam insulation and weather-stripping to help block heat and cold
  • Available in a variety of finishes, including faux wood
  • Can be stained or painted to match your home's exterior



Steel Doors

Long Island Steel Doors from JD Cusumano

More popular than wood doors, steel doors feature energy-efficient foam core insulation. These doors are fully weather-stripped, reducing chances of shrinking, swelling and warping. Because of their tough construction, steel doors will withstand years of extreme weather conditions with minimum maintenance. The doors can be purchased with predrilled doorknob and lockset holes, and most steel doors are packaged preprimed and ready to paint. Steel doors offer extremely durable and affordable solutions for your exterior door needs.

Available in many styles and sizes, steel doors are a perfect complement for most of today's home styles, including Split Level and Urban Contemporary.


  • Outstanding strength and weather resistance
  • Most cost effective materials for doors
  • Energy efficient: all steel doors come with foam insulation and weather-stripping to help block heat and cold and stand up to harsh weather
  • Stronger than wood and fiberglass doors
  • An excellent choice when security is a concern
  • Resists fire, warping and cracking
  • Can be finished with a high-quality exterior paint
  • Available with coatings that mimic the look of real wood

Storm Doors

Long Island Storm Doors from JD Cusumano

Storm doors fit over your exterior entry doors. They beautify your home, and their glass panels help prolong the life of your door's outer surface by protecting it from rain, snow and other harsh weather. Storm doors also help insulate your home, and they provide an extra measure of security, especially if you opt for a deadbolt lock. Today's storm doors are not only practical, but attractive, too. They come in many models and colors to complement any home's style. You can buy decorative storm doors or full-view models with a large pane of glass. Full-view types won't obscure an attractive front door, and they allow for an unobstructed view. Some storm doors also have screens to provide ventilation in warm weather.


Patio Doors

Long Island Patio Doors from JD Cusumano

Patio doors create an easy flow of traffic from your house to an outside deck or patio. They come as gliding doors or hinged, swinging doors. Patio doors have screens for ventilation and weather-stripping to keep out wind, rain and dust. Hardware comes in a variety of finishes - including brass, chrome, bronze, nickel and white - to match your décor. You can also select from a variety of options, such as tinted glass or special glass that blocks UV rays and improves insulation, and exterior key locks and auxiliary locks, which allow you to lock your patio door in a partially opened position.

Types of Patio Doors Include:

  • Gliding - With at least one panel that glides smoothly past another door panel, you’ll get more room where you need it—inside or out.
  • Hinged Inswing - To save room in smaller areas such as balconies, patios and decks, you’ll love the space-enhancing benefits of inswing patio doors.
  • Hinged Outswing - With panels that open outward, these doors give you more usable space inside your room.
  • Sidelights & Transoms - Expand your hinged patio door with elegant combinations, including sidelights, transoms and stationary door panels.



Interior Doors

Long Island Interior Doors from JD Cusumano

Bedrooms, Bathrooms and more.


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